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Fethiye Yacht Cruise & Blue Voyage

Fethiye Blue Voyage Cruises

History of Fethiye

Named after Apollo’s son, Fethiye was known as the Telmessos in the ancient era. Fethiye was home to great civilizations such as Ancient Greece, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. The town was conquered by the Persians in the 6th century BC and was taken back by Alexander the Great in the 4th century. Soon after the death of Alexander the Great Telmessos came under the control of Ptolemy I Soter. Later it was occupied by the Roman Empire. Fethiye remained within the borders of the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantium after the Roman Empire was divided. In 1282, Mentese Beyligi conquered Fethiye, and in 1424, they joined the Ottomans, by then Fethiye was known as Meğri. In 1913, Ottomans changed the name to Fethiye in the memory of Fethi Bey, an Ottoman aviator and one of our first pilots. Since the region was home to various civilizations, it is possible to see historical sites. If you want to go on a blue cruise in Fethiye, we also recommend you to see Tlos, Cadianca, Xanthos, Letoon, Ölüdeniz, Kaya Village, Nicholas Island.

Coves of Fethiye

Fethiye has beautiful natural wonders. You can visit coves that are reachable only by sea and enjoy nature. We listed some of the great Fethiye coves for you.


Oludeniz, known as the land of light and sun in antiquity, is known for its calm sea and beautiful nature. In 2006 Bild, the most popular newspaper in Germany ranked the Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) as “The Most Beautiful Beach in the World” with 82% of the votes. With its turquoise sea, pale sands and lush nature, Oludeniz is a popular area of Fethiye. We recommend you enjoy this turquoise sea by chartering a yacht from Fethiye.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley fascinates its visitors with the unique characteristics of its turquoise sea and endemic local butterfly species. Since the Valley is a protected area, it preserved its natural beauty to this day. The valley, which houses more than 70 butterfly species, is named after the famous tiger butterfly. If you want to see the butterflies and enjoy the calmest season of the valley, then you should begin your holiday in Fethiye in April or May. Additionally, the Valley is reachable from land. However, due to the bends and rocky roads, people prefer to go there with yachts instead.

Kabak Cove

Placed next to the Butterfly Valley, Kabak managed to preserve its beauty to this day. With the clarity of its sea and calmness of its nature, Kabak cove refreshes the hearts and minds of its visitors, and therefore, it is among the most popular stops of blue cruises. As the cove protected by law, there are no settlements. Therefore, if you intend to spend the night in this cove, we recommend you have enough food provisions with you.

Gemiler Island & Cove

Gemiler Island, known as St. Nicholas Island in the ancient era, is located opposite to Gemiler Cove, sharing the same name. It is known for its rich history and its beautiful nature. There are historical sites from the Early Christian period on the island. The cove, covered with trees and surrounded by crystal clear sea, is perfect for the blue cruises. We recommend you discover this beautiful cove and island by chartering a yacht in Fethiye.

Katranci Cove

Katranci has a harmony of blue and green. It consists of two adjacent coves in the forest-covered with eucalyptus and pine trees. Katranci is sheltered from the wind and has a sea without waves as a result. It is among the most popular areas for the Fethiye blue cruises.

Gunluklu Cove

Taking its name from the rare Gunluk trees (Turkish Sweetgum or Liquidambar Orientalis), this cove fascinates visitors with its calm environment and lush nature. Cove gets filled with a pleasant smell produced by the trees when its dark. Gunluklu has a clear and shallow sea, and as a result, it is very safe for children and those who do not know how to swim.

Tarzan Cove

This magnificent cove fascinates its visitors with its unique harmony of blue and green. It takes its name from a long rope tied to a tree extending over the sea. People use this rope to swing and throw themselves to the sea.

Cleopatra Bath

Cleopatra Bath is a popular area for the Fethiye blue cruises. The cove takes its name from an ancient bath presumed to have been built by Cleopatra. There are many different colors and varieties of crabs and fish in the water. Thanks to its landscape and the forests, the cove is sheltered by all kinds of weather conditions. The sea is crystal clear and hosts islets large and small.

Kidrak Cove

It is a magnificent cove with turquoise waters that you must stop for a 1 to 2-hour swimming break during a blue cruise. This secluded cove on the Faralya road of Oludeniz is 4 kilometers away from Belcekiz. There is a facility where you can acquire food.

For more information about the coves of Fethiye, you can check Viravira Blog.

Routes to Fethiye

Fethiye has beautiful coves. Also, the region is close to Gocek. For this reason, you can include Gocek coves in your routes such as Gobun, Sarsala, and Killebuku.

Ideal Boat Types in Fethiye

There are gulets, sailboats, catamarans, and motor yachts in Fethiye. The preferred type of boat changes according to taste and budget. Gulets are all-inclusive and preferred by larger groups. Sailboats are for those who want to experience the seafaring to the fullest. Catamarans are for those who want more comfortable sailboats, and motor yachts are for those who love speeding. Regardless of the type of boat you choose, the views you will witness in Fethiye will be the same. Enjoy Fethiye blue cruise with a yacht of your chose!

Fethiye Blue Voyage Cruise Prices

Blue voyages in Fethiye are cheaper than a luxury holiday. For example, you can organize a blue cruise with prices starting from 25 euro per person, per day. Away from the five-star hotel crowd, you can enjoy a wonderful holiday within the calmness of the coves. Also, you decide on your menu.

Transportation to Fethiye

If you are traveling to Fethiye by plane, you will reach Dalaman Airport. You can reach Fethiye in about 40 minutes by using the transportation services available at the airport. If you want to reach Fethiye by bus, there are bus services that depart from major cities. To go on a blue cruise in Fethiye, you can choose the transportation methods mentioned above.

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