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Antalya Yacht Cruise & Blue Voyage

Antalya Blue Voyage Cruises


You can reach Finike, which is 120 kilometers away from Antalya, either by sea or by land. Finike is famous for its orange groves and is suitable for a quiet holiday. It has a sandy beach 18 km long and some beautiful bays. Blue voyage yachts from the Antalya region visit these bays. Don't forget to visit the ancient city of Arykanda in Finike.


You can reach, Demre which is one of the famous touristic towns of Antalya, by land or by sea. Demre, an area adorned with natural and historical beauties, has an ancient city called Myra which must be visited by history buffs. The blue cruise yachts visit the city frequently. If you have come to Demre on a blue cruise yacht, don't forget to enjoy the sea and the sun. Besides, if you like to walk, you can take plenty of fresh air by having a quiet walk in the woods.

Kekova (Kalekoy)

You can rent a yacht from Kas to Kekova (Likci: Dolichiste). There are four ancient cities in the Kekova region: Simena, Aperlae, Dolichiste, and Teimioussa. Thanks to its historical texture, Kekova is among the most popular Antalya blue cruise routes. If you're planning a blue voyage holiday around Antalya, we recommend you put Kekova on the top of your list. You can stay overnight in this beautiful region. You can also go ashore and explore the surroundings. Kekova is always calm and quiet because it can be reached only by sea.

Antalya Blue Voyage Cruise Prices

Antalya is one of the most preferred locations yacht cruises. You can discover many historical and natural beauties in Antalya. Also, you can anchor and savor the quietness in the green bays near Kemer and Kaş. Would you like to enjoy all these beauties freely by having a blue cruise in Antalya? Choose from thousands of boats on, request an offer and leave the rest to us. The blue cruise experience is only a click away! It is possible to make a blue cruise in Antalya with prices starting from 25 euro per person per day.

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