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How can I create a user account?

Opening a viravira.co user account is quite easy. You can create an account through your social media account or with your e-mail address and the password you set.

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What is viravira.co?

viravira.co is an online marketplace that connects listing owners and individuals who wish to rent a boat.

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What conveniences does viravira.co offer to the renters?

Through viravira.co, users can find and rent boats with different features and prices among 12,000 verified boats anchored in 49 countries and 1,040 locations, chartered with and without skipper.

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How does the booking process work?

In order to initiate the booking process, the renter must select his check-in and check-out dates and the boats he likes and click the “Confirm Availability” button on the boat page.

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How can I list my boat on viravira.co?

After creating a user account, the boat owner needs to submit all the technical information related to the boat.

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As a listing owner, can I rent my boat with and without a captain?

Listing owners can rent out their boats with and without a captain.

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Who are eligible to list a boat on viravira.co?

viravira.co is an online marketplace that brings boat owners and people who want to rent a boat.

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