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Bodrum Yacht Cruise & Blue Voyage

Bodrum Blue Voyage Cruises

Bodrum, the pearl of Muğla, has become a region that is now known worldwide. In this article, if you are planning a blue cruise this summer for the Bodrum region, we will share our suggestions and experiences with you.

Yacht type

Choosing the yacht type, according to your needs and the duration of your holiday, is important for blue cruise vacations. If you want to spend a comfortable blue cruise, then you should plan your holiday with a gulet charter option. A shorter holiday and a bit of speed? Then it is a motor yacht. Sailing sport and adrenaline? Then we recommend either the compact and seaworthy sailboat or the comfortable and swift Catamaran.


The second most important issue in blue cruise after the right yacht selection is the route. You can find many alternative routes, including the Greek islands and the Bodrum area.


Bodrum – Hisarönü – Bodrum

Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum

Bodrum – Göcek – Bodrum

Bodrum – Southern Dodecanese Islands – Bodrum

Bodrum – Northern Dodecanese Islands – Bodrum

If you wish, you can reach more detailed Bodrum Yacht Charter routes from Viravira Routes.

Must-see coves

Blue cruises are great sightseeing tours where you can explore Bodrum and the surrounding beauties. You can visit world-famous coves with natural beauties such as Adaboğazı, Akvaryum Cove, Aspat Cove, Karaada, Cennet Cove, Bağla Cove. You can enjoy the calm and clear sea in these bays and go to the beautiful shores and take a walk in nature.

Ancient ruins and cities

Visitors can admire the historical and natural beauties of Bodrum by renting a yacht weekly.

Bodrum Amphitheatre: Excavations were carried out in the theater on the Turgutreis road which has a capacity of 13,000 people and the stage section was uncovered and restored.

Rock Tombs: In the same area you can see the Roman and Hellenistic rock tombs in the upper part of the theater.

Myndos Gate: The repair and restoration of the Myndos gate, which is one of the entrance gates of Halicarnassus, was completed in 1999.

Çıfıt Castle (Aspat): Çıfıt Castle, which has hosted many civilizations in the past, was built on a rocky region near Bağla Cove.

Ancient Cities: Myndos (Gümüşlük), Termena (Akçaalan), Telmisos (Gürece), Kadıyanda (Aşağıgöl), Theangela (Etrin) are the ancient cities around the peninsula.

Stratonikeia: The ruins in the Eskihisar village on the Yatağan – Milas highway is home to rich ruins of the Carian, Roman, and Byzantine periods and is visited by tourists every year.

Lagina: Lagina has always been one of the important centers of Caria. It has been used as a settlement since the Bronze Age.

Sedir Island (Kedreae): Sedir Island, which is one of the most frequented areas of blue cruises and other boat tours, surprises the viewers with its wonderful natural beauties and ancient texture. The temple of Apollo is one of the remains to be seen. Famous Cleopatra Beach, famous for its golden sandy beach and sea, is also on this island.

Cisterns: Most of Bodrum’s cisterns, which are known as ‘Gümbet’ today, are remnants of the Ottoman Empire.

Bodrum Blue Voyage Cruise Prices

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