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Greece Yacht Cruise & Blue Voyage

Greece Blue Voyage Cruises

Greece is a country that has been a home to the growth of various science and art branches and organizations such as political science, philosophy, mathematics, literature, theatre, Olympic Games. Besides, various archaeological sites such as Phillipi, Mistra and Olimipiya, the medieval city of Rhodes, Delphi archaeological sites, the city of Akropolis, and the temples of Apollo Epicurius and Epidaurus Asclepius are preserved within the borders of Greece. However, Greece should not be considered only for its historical and cultural heritage. Let's not forget that Greece tours, which are indispensable for summer holidays, continue to be popular and extraordinary. So how about a breathtaking holiday where you will discover all the shades of blue? So we turn the rudder to Greece!

Sailing on your gulet, you can anchor in the bay you want, and you can enjoy the beaches, swim in the azure seas and enjoy your time to fullest. You will be enchanted by exotic beaches where you can see the bottom of the water thanks to the clarity of the sea. You will find peace in all shades from blue to green. The landscapes, which looks as if created by the hand of an artist, will bind you. With its historical buildings, shopping streets, lively nightlife, daytime activities, clean beaches, clear water, Greece offers a dreamlike experience to its visitors.

You can start your blue cruise by anchoring off Athens and feeling the breeze of civilizations with a long history! After visiting the Acropolis Museum and having a delicious breakfast, you can relax on your boat. During scuba diving or snorkeling, you will be enchanted by the crystal-clear sea. You can also spend time with wind or kite surfing, water skiing, jetski and water sports activities. Canoe trips, river rafting and swimming with dolphins are some of the activity suggestions. After leaving yourself in the arms of nature in the bays of Athens, you can anchor at nearby islands such as Serifos, Agistri, Aegina, Hydra, Cyclades and Poros.

How about seeing a view of tropical-looking turquoise seas, canyons, large and small bays and lush nature? So move on to the deck, we are on our way to the island of Crete! Seitan Harbor and beach can be preferred for its virgin bays and trekking experience, and Hanya Yacht Club for a breathtaking break. You can be integrated with nature in Balos Natural Park. For a journey in history, do not forget to visit Spinalonga Island surrounded by walls or Dikteon Cave, which is believed to be the birthplace of Zeus.

On the island of Lesvos, you should try the local drink ouzo from different brands. It is even possible to come across ouzo festivals. You can also see the Ouzo Museum in Plomari free of charge. In this museum, which is the oldest ouzo production factory, you can listen to the history and to observe production of ouzo, and then you can make shopping if you wish. Speaking of food, you can try the delicious products of this flamboyant cuisine accompanied by Greek music playing in the background! They use natural olive oil that they produce from their own olive trees. You can taste shrimp saganaki, octopus with wine sauce, baked lamb, squid, crab pasta, salted tunny in taverns (small beach restaurants). We would recommend Vatera, Erosos and Anoxos to those who prefer sand beach and Drota, Eftalou and Xabelia to those who want pebble beach. There are 2 different springs of healing water in Polihnitos, which consists of 8 km long beach and houses built of volcanic stones.

Santorini can be another alternative island to anchor at during your blue cruise. On this island, tuffs and remains that have solidified as a result of the volcanic eruption in the past are still preserved. The harmony among the houses painted in dark blue and white will push you to take photos continuously. Especially when you anchor your boat in Oia and Fira and climb up the roads, those magnificent blue-domed churches and charming houses will blow your mind. It is impossible not to be enchanted by the view. You can also step on the ground and join the beach entertainments during the day, and then you can dance with live music. Another option is to enjoy peace by watching the moonlight on the deck of your boat under the stars.

For another route, this time we shift the helm to Kos. The Hippocrates tree which was devoted to him is in the town center. It is also called Hippocrates island. You can visit the archaeology museum, rest your body in mineral waters or feed bird species in Plaka by your hands. If you wonder the nightlife in Kos, you can follow the sounds in the harbor. If you wish, you can attend festivals in July and August as part of your blue voyage.

You can add some more color to your blue voyage with Rhodes Island. At the entrance of the Port of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the world, Kolossos (Statue of Rhodes), used to welcome visitors with all its glory. In addition to seeing the various shades of blue in Rhodes, it is an option to visit Ottoman artifacts, museums, historical buildings and ancient cities. In addition, you can visit the historical Acropolis and the fortress in Lindos, which is closed to traffic. You can anchor in the bay of Paul Beach and cool off in the sea. If you want, you can add destinations such as Kalithea, Stegna, Ladiko to your route.

If you do not want to miss the party and entertainment, your address is Mykonos. Mykonos, with its blue and white painted stone houses, the lively streets, churches and windmills will amaze you! Psarrou, Agios Ioannis, Ornos or Kalafatis destinations are ideal for diving and swimming. Gialos, one of the oldest beaches of the island, will also give you peace. In addition to the parties that last until the morning, beach parties are also very common. Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, which should be visited by party lovers, are located on the southern coast of the island. There are different destinations for every taste in Greece. Indeed, the number of Greek islands is known to be around 6.000.

Greece Blue Voyage Cruise Prices

Summers are very hot in Greece; winters are mild and rainy. So, you can plan your Greece blue cruise for four seasons. You can enjoy the clear bays under the warm sun and sunbathe on the deck. You can also leave yourself to the warm autumn wind and feel the raindrops on the deck while looking at the wonderful view. The average price of your blue cruise for about a week is € 3.000. Of course, the fee will vary depending on the type of boat you choose, the period, the features you want. will help you organize your yacht vacation.

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