What should I do after I receive a booking request?

After receiving a booking request, the boat owner has 24 hours to confirm or reject the request. The boat owner may start to message with the renter if he wishes. In order to activate the messaging feature of the renter, the boat owner must give availability or start messaging.

The renter can pay after the availability confirmation. After payment, the boat owner must confirm the booking. Booking is finalized after confirmation.

The boat owner can reserve his boat for a certain period by putting Option for the renter. If the price and / or dates are revised, the boat owner sends a Customized Offer to the renter. The Option and the Customized Offer are valid for the period specified by the boat owner and during this period the owner cannot rent the boat to anyone else. If the renter makes the payment within this period, the booking is finalized without the need for further approval.


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