What does viravira.co offer to the boat owners?

Through viravira.co, boat owners can access to individuals who wish to rent a boat. By enlisting their boats in viravira.co, charter companies reduce their marketing costs and individual boat owners gain access to a large demand pool which they did not have previously.

Additionally, boat owners,

  • can publish all the features and visuals of their boats through the listings they create via their user accounts;
  • can provide instalment payment alternative to the renters;
  • can enter different prices for different dates and block specific dates if they wish not to get any booking through the user friendly and functional calendar;
  • can easily manage booking requests though their user accounts and
  • can leave good impression on potential customers through the user comments of the people who have previously rented their boats.

In addition, viravira.co eliminates the credit risk for boat owners. Payments received from the renter are held in the escrow account of a payment service provider regulated by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency until they are transferred to the boat owner’s account. In other words, funds belonging to the boat owners are kept securely in an account independent of the viravira.co entity.


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