How does the booking process work?

In order to initiate the booking process, the renter must select his dates and the boats he likes and click the “Request to Book” button on the boat page.

Clicking the “Request to Book” button will add the selected boat to the Requests of the renter. When submitting the request, the renter may ask his questions, request a Customized Offer for different prices and dates or request an “Option” for a certain period.

After the request is approved, the messaging feature is activated, and the renter can contact the boat owner via the platform. After approval, the renter can make the prepayment by clicking the “Book” button in the “Holiday Plans” section. The prepayment amount varies from boat to boat but is usually half of the booking fee. For payments made by card, the renter's card information is received and stored by a Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency approved payment service provider; for payments made by EFT / wire transfer, the relevant amount is charged directly. The boat owner must confirm the booking within 24 hours. If the request is approved, the booking will be finalized, and the payments made by card will be collected. In case of no approval, the collected amount, if any, is returned to the renter on the first business day.

The boat owner can reserve his boat for a certain period by putting Option for the renter. If the price and / or dates are revised, the boat owner sends a Customized Offer to the renter. Option and Customized Offer is valid for the period to be determined by the boat owner. If the renter makes payment within this period, the booking is finalized without the need for a second confirmation.

After the payment, the renter has a maximum of 3 days to cancel the booking free of charge. At the end of the 3rd day, the contact details of the boat owner and the renter are shared mutually.

All packages that regulate cancellation conditions have a Long Stop Date. After the expiry of the 3-day free cancellation period, the renter can cancel his booking until the Long Stop Date. In case of cancellation, the prepayment is non-refundable.

Unless stated otherwise, remaining payment must be made by the Long Stop Date. In case of a cancellation after the Long Stop Date, no refund will be made. Free cancellation right expires by the Long Stop Date; for bookings approved after the Long Stop Date, 3-day free cancellation rule does not apply.

On the first day of the rental period, the boat is delivered to the renter by the boat owner. The renter, if any, makes the remaining payment and pay for the extras to the boat owner.


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