As it’s widely known, marinas are harbours for private yachts, where both boat and yacht owners can easily access all the necessary services they require. Beyond this definition, marinas are an environment where sailors who share a passion for the sea can congregate. Lately, marinas are becoming more numerous and prevalent with the increase in interest people have with the seafaring life.

In regards to Metropolis’s like Istanbul, marinas are the only places which allow people to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience a more tranquil environment, alone and accompanied by the comforting smell of the sea without going hundreds of kilometers away. When observing the marinas and the services they offer in Istanbul, if you are not a boat owner there is always the option for a weekend escape, enjoying the sea and its surrounding area, as well as the opportunities to attend various social activities that are on offer.

Ataköy Marina is located on the European side of Istanbul and can be found 7 km from Atatürk International Airport. It is one of the most important marinas in Istanbul, with a 63 ton capacity travel lift, a technical team, boat maintenance and repair unit; a pontoon and pier which provides secure mooring, as well as available security and cleaning facilities. The Ataköy Marina Hotel Istanbul which is located in the Ataköy Marina, offers a peaceful get away from the commotion of the city. In addition, Ataköy Marina, holds up international standards towards habitats and many other various functions. Furthermore, one of the marina’s alternative features on offer is the chance to moor your yacht for a short period of time as well a long term for wintering.

Güzelce Marina is located in Büyükçekmece. It is 25 km from Atatürk International Airport  and has a capacity of 500 tons of lift, a 10 meter wide dry dock area. There is also room for 250 boats on the sea and 120 boats on land both domestic and foreign, offering boats that are up to 60 meter long and various other services. The marina has many amenities you can use, such as currency exchange, insurance services, vehicle and boat hire; they also provide security services such as fire safety measures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

West Istanbul Marina is located in Istanbul Beylikdüzü. It is one of the most important marinas in Istanbul with a 75 ton travel lift and special shelves for boats shorter then 7 meters, which allows secure parking for boats by placing one on the top of another. It has a capacity of 360 boats on shelves and  600 boats on the sea and 300 on the land. The marina has conveniences such as shopping, entertainment, sport centers, as well as facilites providing security and healthcare.

Setur Kalamış and Fenerbahçe Marinas are located in Fenerbahçe. The maximum depth of the marina is 6.5 meters and due to it being vaulted, it is not possible to drop anchor. Setur Kalamış and Fenerbahçe Marinas have a travel lift with a 60 ton capacity and also offers mooring for boats. Blue flagged Setur Kalamış and Fenerbahçe Marinas have 1070+ boat capacity on the sea and 220 on the land. Services such as maintenance, repair, painting and winter maintenance are carried out by the workshops in the Marina.

Marin Türk Istanbul City Port is located in Pendik, which is 6 nautical miles (11 km) from Büyükada. The marina has a 200 carrier lift and a 40 boat carrier, 11 floating piers and 752 mooring capacity. The marina possesses all the technical infrastructure that boat owners require, such as essential services for maintenance and repairs.

Viaport Marina is located in Tuzla, the 5-anchored Marina has 750 mooring capacity and is within the international standards. It offers a 7.5 ton lift and provides a boatyard, maintenance and repair facilities in its 20.000 m² big land parking area. Viaport Marina offers more then a mooring service with its impressive selection of shops, eating and drinking areas, attractive aquarium, indoor and outdoor movie theatres, and a luxury 5 star hotel.

Ispark has available parking spots that charge a fee to prevent illegal operations and pellmell placing. Boat parks in Istinye and Tarabya have a capacity of 338 for boats and yachts. In the near future there is planning to launch a boat parking service along the places on Bosphorus line such as Bebek, Kuruçeşme and Paşabahçe.