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Greek Islands Yacht Cruise & Blue Voyage

Greek Islands Yacht Cruise & Blue Voyage

In recent years, the blue voyage is among the most preferred vacation types. You can pick a route suitable for your taste and budget such as Göcek, Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum for a blue voyage vacation. Also, you may have a blue voyage to the Greek Islands from the 4 locations mentioned above. In this post, we will give you brief information about the Greek Islands.

Greek Islands that you should include in your voyage route


Ios Island, one of the pearls of Greece with its nature and nightlife.. Very popular with its nightlife, Ios is a wonderful island for blue voyage passengers with its cliffs and beautiful beaches. Behind the pubs and nightclubs, you may dine in restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean food, visit traditional Cycladic Houses, cafes and stylish boutiques and may visit the historic Panagia Gremiotissa Church where you can see all the beauties of the city. The lively Ios Island is the fun and vibrant holiday destination that you dreamt about all winter.


Kalymnos Island charms everyone with its clean beaches and sea. The center of Kalymnos, where people have been sponge diving throughout the centuries, is Pothia Harbor. It has beautiful beaches like Massouri, Mirties, and Vlyhadia. You can add this Greek Island to your blue voyage route as it is very close to Bodrum. You can swim in the magnificent sea of the island or explore the surroundings. You may visit the Agios Savvas Monastery, the Maritime Museum and the Archaeological Museum on the island as well.


The blue voyage should not end without visiting the neighbors across! Situated just across Bodrum, Kos Island is one of the places to be added to your route if you plan to have a blue voyage holiday to the Greek islands. Kos Island is the second largest of the Twelve Islands. It is also the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. The wonderful nature and colorful nightlife amaze both the locals and foreign tourists. You can see the famous 500-year-old tree and the 200-year-old historic fountain on the island, and enjoy the crystal clear sea at the 290 kilometers long beach.


Watching the sunset at Leros is a must if you are at Greek Islands. It is one of the most preferred destinations for Turkish tourists as it is very close to Bodrum. Leros is an ideal island for the ones who want to have a blue voyage vacation with its high hills, cliffs, and clear sea. You may visit Platanos, the center of the island with its steep stairs, narrow streets, and flower gardens. You may visit Leros Castle where you can watch the sunset. You can rent a bike and have a pleasant tour by pedaling around the historic streets of the island.


The choice of those seeking a quiet fishing island with a boat is Lipsi island. You can discover this fantastic island by walking only for 45 minutes across. Lipsi has been visited by local and foreign tourists for its blue waters and magnificent beaches. You may explore new places at Lipsi which is a typical fisher’s island. Kambos, Kastadia and Platis Gialos beaches of the island which has a beautiful square surrounded by houses, cafeterias, taverns, restaurants, and a small natural harbor are worth seeing.


A great address for the blue voyage lovers. A small island, Patmos is a volcanic island located in the Aegean Sea. According to a rumor, Saint John wrote the last chapter of the Bible in this island. It has become a place frequently visited by tourists and blue voyage lovers for its rich history and unspoiled nature. You may visit the monasteries, explore this small island with short walks and swim freely in the fascinating sea.


A cozy Greek island with its white streets, taverns, and volcano... Across the Kos Island, Nisyros is a volcanic island just like Patmos. The volcano last erupted in 1422. However, it is still an active volcano. It is possible to walk around the crater where the gas boiling underground can be observed. You may also visit typical mountain villages on the island. The village of Nikea on the shores of the crater has a square with mosaics and white streets. We recommend that you add Nisyros, which is famous for its taverns, to your Greek Islands blue voyage route.


A heavenly island Rhodes! Being the largest island among the Twelve Islands, Rhodes has been frequently visited by local and foreign tourists as there is sunshine for 300 days a year on average. It has been also known as The Island of the Knights as it once belonged to Knights of St. John. Rhodes Island had been passed onto Ottoman governance later on and stayed in Italian governance for a while. The island is admired by its visitors because of its architecture and its history that was inherited by all these three cultures. Other tourist attracting places of Rhodes Island are Lindos and Kamiros. A walk in the narrow and stone-paved streets of this formerly medieval town, which is still surrounded by city walls, gives a medieval feeling to its visitors.


Visiting Symi is a good idea if there is any time left after Rhodes. Symi is a mountainous Greek island. The island’s only source of income is tourism, and for this reason, the island becomes lively only in summers. Symi Island is 24 miles away from Rhodes and this cute island mostly hosts daily visitors coming from Rhodes. In Symi Island, you may visit many historic sites such as the historic clock tower and the Agios Ioannis Church, and then enjoy the sea in the turquoise waters of Pedi Beach.

Greek Islands Blue Voyage Cruise Prices

We have shared important information about 9 beautiful Greek islands. If you plan to have a blue voyage holiday this summer, we strongly advise you to add Greek Islands famous with their unique nature, history and enchanting waters to your route. It is possible to make a blue cruise holiday in the Greek Islands with prices starting from 25 euro per person per day.

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