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Kas Private Motor Yachts for Charter

Kas is one of the most popular holiday destinations of Antalya. Kas, which is flooded by both local and foreign tourists every year, fascinates its visitors with its sunny weather all year round, sparkling sea, untouched nature and historical and cultural values. There are many options to explore Kas, which is reminiscent of a small paradise. Kas private motor yacht charter is the most preferred among these options in recent years.

Some of the activities you can do with Kas private motor yachts for charter are to rest your body and soul in the pristine bays that are not accessible by land, to take swimming breaks in the cool waters with various shades of blue, to have short walks among the trees and mingle with nature, and to visit the historical ruins. 

Some popular spots that you can include in your sailing route with Kas private motor yachts for charter are Kekova, Limanagzi, Kaputas Beach, Patara Beach and Kalkan. 

Kekova, which is home to 2 ancient cities (Simena and Teimussa), is one of the most frequented stops by private motor yachts for charter that depart from Kas. When you drop anchor in Kekova, you can go ashore to visit the famous ancient cities. You can also take a canoe trip and swim in its cool waters. 

Limanagzi is famous for its calm and clear sea. You can explore this charming bay, which is not accessible by land, with private motor yachts for charter in Kas. Limanagzi is one of the rare places that has managed to preserve its natural beauty, and has a wonderful Blue Flag beach where blue cruise boats often anchor to swim and relax.

Kabutas Beach, also known as “canyon mouth”, is located between Kas and Kalkan. The beach is flooded by both local and foreign tourists each and every year, and is also a frequent stop of blue cruise boats. Kaputas has a magnificent view with its turquoise sea and is one of the must-see places of a sailing vacation in Kas. 

Patara Beach is another frequent destination for private rental motor yachts departing from Kas. With its 18 kilometers long sandy beach, Patara has the second longest beach in Turkey. This region, which is the spawning area of the Caretta Caretta turtles, is among the places worth seeing. Patara Beach takes its name from the Ancient City of Patara.

Kalkan, formerly known as Kalamaki, is a unique place described by the famous historian Herodotus as “the closest place to the starts on Earth”. There are many activities to be done in this charming town where private motor yachts for charter that depart from Kas anchor in the summer months. Having hosted many powerful civilizations throughout history such as Romans, Hittites, Ottomans and Lydians, Kalkan has lands rich in historical and cultural diversity. During your visit to Kalkan, you can go ashore and visit the ancient cities of Xanthos, Letoon and Myra. 

You can also visit Meis, a charming Greek Island, with Kas private motor yachts for charter. 

Kas Private Motor Yacht Charter & Rental Prices

Kas private motor yacht charter prices vary according to the size, guest capacity and equipment of the boat. The captain, crew and transit log fees and port expenses in the Turkish territorial waters are included in the price in the motor yacht charter option. Fuel and provisions costs are extra. 

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