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Chartering a Catamaran in Ireland

Ireland, famously known as the Emerald Isle, enchants with its magnificent landscapes, thriving culture, and rich history. This charming destination thrives with lush countryside, towering cliffs, vibrant cities and quaint coastal villages.

With an expansive coastline hugging the icy Atlantic Ocean, Ireland is a treat for sailing enthusiasts, particularly those yearning for catamaran charters. Navigating Ireland's waters rewards sailors with an unmatched perspective of its diverse coastal topography - the rugged Wild Atlantic Way, serene hidden coves, the pristine beaches of the Irish Sea, and much more.

When chartering a catamaran in Ireland, the safety of sailors is paramount. Sailing conditions vary due to Ireland's geographical inconsistencies and weather patterns. Understanding local maps, planning navigational routes, acquiring necessary sailing equipment, verifying weather forecasts, and adhering to seafaring laws all contribute to a satisfying sailing experience in Ireland.

Whether it's the historical significance of Irish waters, vibrant sailing culture, exceptional marine biodiversity, or arresting natural beauty, Ireland serves as a thrilling sailing destination. Make the most of your seafaring adventure with this comprehensive guide on chartering a catamaran in Ireland.

Why choose Ireland as the ultimate destination for a catamaran charter?

The tranquil waters of Ireland offer a perfect playground for sailing enthusiasts. A catamaran rental in Ireland offers an immersive experience of swaying with the North Atlantic waves as you witness the vast marine life, splendid sunsets, and starry-nights like nowhere else.

How to get to Ireland?

Reaching Ireland is relatively straightforward with excellent international air connections across Europe, North America and beyond. The Dublin Airport serves as a major hub, while Shannon and Cork airports accommodate regular international flights. Alternatively, ferry services operate from the UK and France.

What are the popular destinations and routes for catamaran charter in Ireland?

Embarking on a catamaran charter in Ireland presents an opportunity to choose among several routes. Start your journey from Dublin and sail south towards Wexford, taking in majestic scenery en route or sail to the inaccessible islands and white sandy beaches of Galway Bay. Don't miss the Skellig Islands, a UNESCO world heritage site, where you may catch a glimpse of dolphins playing in your wake.

What is the best time to charter a catamaran in Ireland?

The warm months from June to August mark the best time for a catamaran charter in Ireland. The weather is mild, suitable for water sports, sightseeing, and soaking in the vibrant Celtic festivals. Off-peak seasons offer affordable rates and serene ambience.

How is the weather and sailing conditions in Ireland?

The weather in Ireland is unpredictable with rainfall possible all year round. However, summers are fairly mild with average temperatures ranging from 15°C to 20°C. Sailing conditions can vary, with calm and invigorating winds frequent around the coastline, making Ireland an exciting sailing destination all year round.

How to explore the history and culture of Ireland?

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Ireland by visiting its many historical sites like the Rock of Cashel, the historic city of Cork, and the vibrant streets of Dublin. Discover Ireland's local life by interacting with friendly locals, sampling traditional dishes like Irish stew and enjoying the distinct Irish brews.

What are the top attractions and outdoor activities in Ireland?

Ireland brims with outdoor activities and attractions. Experience water sports, explore national parks, enjoy the music scene, or indulge in local cuisine. When chartering a catamaran, make time for deep-sea fishing, snorkelling, and even stargazing at night.

What are the best marinas and anchorages in Ireland?

Ireland features numerous marinas and anchorages suitable for catamarans. Noteworthy amongst them are Dublin City Moorings, Dingle Marina, and Kinsale Yacht Club & Marina. Each provides extensive facilities to assist in a convenient and enjoyable charter in Ireland.

Should I rent a catamaran in Ireland with or without a skipper?

Renting a catamaran in Ireland with a captain can provide a safe and relaxing sailing experience, especially for beginners. If you're a seasoned sailor, a bareboat catamaran charter in Ireland allows for an intimate and customized sea voyage.

Should I rent a catamaran in Ireland with or without a crew?

A catamaran charter with a dedicated crew in Ireland can take your voyage to the next level. They provide local insights, luxurious personalized service, and free you to enjoy the journey without dealing with sailing logistics.

What license do I need to charter a catamaran in Ireland?

To charter a catamaran in Ireland, an internationally recognized sailing or boating license is generally required if you're not contracting a skippered service. Additionally, a VHF radio certificate is recommended.

What to pack for a catamaran charter in Ireland?

For your catamaran charter in Ireland, pack light and warm clothing, water-resistant footwear, sunscreen, and essential sailing gear. A pair of binoculars for wildlife viewing and a camera to capture breathtaking Irish landscapes shouldn't be missed.

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Good to Know about Catamaran Charters in Ireland & Near Me

Average length13.96 m (45.8 ft)
Average sleeping capacity12
Average cruise capacity12

Frequently Asked Questions about Catamaran Rentals in Ireland & Near Me

How many catamaran are available for charter in Ireland?

There is only one catamaran.

What are the popular catamaran models in Ireland?

Popular models in Ireland are: Lagoon 450 Fly.

What are the dining options on board a catamaran in Ireland?

On a catamaran, guests have the option to either purchase their own food supplies or have the boat owner/crew acquire the supplies for them. When there is a crew on board, they typically take care of the cooking. For more information about meal options, please review the listing details.

What is the average number of cabins on a catamaran in Ireland?

The average number of cabins on a catamaran in Ireland is 6.

What is the average sleeping capacity on a catamaran in Ireland?

Sleeping capacity in Ireland is 12 persons.

What is the average cruising capacity on a catamaran in Ireland?

Cruising capacity in Ireland is 12 persons.

Can I charter a catamaran as bareboat or skippered in Ireland?

You can charter a catamaran as bareboat in Ireland.

How many catamaran are available for bareboat charter in Ireland?

There are 1 catamarans available for bareboat charter in Ireland.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Ireland?

The cost of hiring a skipper can vary depending on the destination and the boat's owner. In, Ireland you can anticipate an average daily rate of $216 for a skipper.

What are the popular catamaran charter locations in Ireland or nearby?

Popular locations in Ireland and nearby are: Rodi.

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