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Denmark Boat Charter & Sailing Yacht Rental

Denmark is recognized as a strong social welfare state and is a country with high living standards worldwide. Denmark also has many cultural and historical values and beautiful beaches. It is also the owner of numerous museums with important historical events from the past. With viravira.co you can explore the country to the fullest by renting your dream boat.

How do I rent a boat in Denmark?

Denmark is a country rich in culture and history, with many beaches in and around Denmark. With many amenities such as restaurants, nightclubs, shopping stores, etc., vacationing in Denmark is a unique experience. The best way to rent a yacht in Denmark is to complete your booking with the online boat rental platform viravira.co.

What is the best time to visit Denmark?

The best time to visit Denmark depends on your preferences and what you want to experience during your trip. Denmark is a country that can be visited all year round, but the weather and the availability of tourist attractions may vary depending on the season.

Summer (June to August) is the high season in Denmark, and it is the best time to enjoy the country's beaches, outdoor activities, and festivals. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the days are long, with up to 17 hours of daylight. Popular events during the summer include the Roskilde Festival, Aarhus Festival, and Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Spring (April to May) is also a good time to visit Denmark when the weather is mild and pleasant, and the country's gardens and parks come to life with beautiful flowers and greenery. This is the time when Denmark celebrates its popular 'Tulip Season', which is marked by the blooming of tulips throughout the country.

Autumn (September to November) is the perfect time to visit Denmark if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the changing colors of the foliage. During this time, the country's museums and indoor attractions are less crowded, and it is easier to book accommodations.

Winter (December to February) is the low season in Denmark, but it can be a magical time to visit if you are interested in winter sports, Christmas markets, and holiday celebrations. Denmark is known for its cozy concept of 'hygge', and it is a great time to experience this culture by enjoying hot drinks, delicious Danish pastries, and candlelit evenings.

Where to sail in Denmark?

Denmark is a great destination for blue cruise enthusiasts, with its extensive coastline, archipelago and numerous islands offering some of the best sailing experiences in Europe. Here are some of the best sailing destinations in Denmark:

Limfjord Limfjord is a long fjord that stretches from Thy National Park to the city of Aalborg. It is a great sailing destination with calm waters, spectacular scenery and many harbors and marinas.

South Funen Archipelago: The South Funen Archipelago is a group of islands located in the southern part of Denmark. The area has crystal clear waters and the landscape is sheltered, with small bays that are perfect for sailing.

North Sea The North Sea is a challenging and exciting destination for experienced sailors. Characterized by strong winds, high waves and variable tides, it is a great place for adrenaline-filled sailing experiences.

Bornholm Bornholm is an island in the Baltic Sea, southeast of Denmark. The island is a popular place for sailing with beautiful cliffs, sandy beaches and picturesque fishing villages.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Denmark?

Yacht charter prices vary depending on the boat type, the number of people, and the seasonality.

The cost of renting a yacht in Denmark for a day starts from €46/day/person.
The cost of renting a yacht in Denmark for a week starts from €322/week/person.

Every destination offers a wide range of attractions and stopover points along its coast for those who want with their loved ones. If you think to have a unique and unforgettable sailing holiday this summer, don’t hesitate to book your yacht via viravira.co now before the availabilities run out. 

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