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Romania Boat Charter & Sailing Yacht Rental

Located in Central and Southeastern Europe, Romania is famous for its history, cultural heritage, natural beauty and delicious food. This makes it a center of attraction for tourists. Sail the deep blue waters with the boat you rented in Romania and enjoy the day.

How do I rent a boat in Romania?

Romania offers many breathtaking landscapes and activities that can be explored by boat. Spectacular sunsets, natural beauty, historic cities, majestic mountains and delicious food will give you priceless memories. Sign up for the reliable services of viravira.co and enjoy your vacation.

What is the best time to visit Romania?

The best time to visit Romania depends on your interests and the activities you plan to do. Romania has three distinct seasons, each with its unique beauty and attractions.

Summer (June to August) is the peak season for tourism in Romania. The weather is warm, and the days are long, making it the perfect time for outdoor activities. The mountainous regions of Transylvania, such as the Carpathian Mountains, are ideal for hiking, trekking, and camping. The Danube Delta is also a great destination for nature lovers to enjoy the unique flora and fauna.

Fall (September to November) is a great time to visit Romania, especially for those who enjoy cooler weather and the beauty of autumn foliage. The countryside is painted with shades of red, orange, and yellow, creating stunning landscapes. The harvest season in Romania is also during this time, and you can experience traditional festivals and taste delicious local food.

Winter (December to February) is an excellent time for winter sports enthusiasts. The ski resorts in the Carpathian Mountains are famous for their well-maintained slopes and modern facilities. The cities of Brasov and Sinaia have ski resorts that cater to both beginners and experienced skiers. Christmas markets in Bucharest, Sibiu, and Cluj-Napoca offer a unique winter holiday experience.

Where to sail in Romania?

Sailing in Romania is a popular activity and the country offers many excellent destinations for both experienced and beginner sailors. The best places to sail in Romania are the Black Sea coast and the Danube River.

The Black Sea coast offers some of the best sailing routes in Romania. There are many marinas and yacht clubs along the coast. The most popular place for sailing on the Black Sea is Constanța, the largest port in Romania. From here you can explore the coast and visit popular tourist attractions such as Mamaia and Eforie Nord.

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe and the perfect destination for sailing in Romania. The river flows through the Danube Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the richest biodiversity regions in Europe. The Danube Delta is perfect for sailing enthusiasts looking for a unique experience in nature. You can sail along the winding canals and discover the beauty of the untouched landscape, a variety of bird species and wildlife, and explore remote villages along the way.

What to do and see in Romania?

Romania is a country with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, and there is plenty to do and see.

Visit Bucharest: Romania's capital Bucharest is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. Sights in Bucharest include the Palace of Parliament, the largest administrative building in the world, and the Old Town, a charming neighborhood with traditional architecture and vibrant nightlife.

Explore the Carpathian Mountains: The Carpathian Mountains are one of Romania's most beautiful natural attractions. Home to several national parks, such as Piatra Craiului National Park, the mountains are ideal for hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

Visit the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina: The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are known for their unique frescoes and colorful exterior decorations. The monasteries are located in the northern part of Romania and are a must-see attraction for anyone interested in art-history.

Explore Transylvania: Transylvania is a region of Romania known for its stunning landscapes and rich history. Sights in Transylvania include Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle, and the medieval town of Sighisoara, birthplace of Vlad the Impaler.

Try traditional Romanian cuisine: Romanian cuisine is a fusion of various European and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Some of the must-try dishes include sarmale, a dish made from cabbage leaves, and mici, a type of grilled sausage.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Romania?

Yacht charter prices vary depending on the boat type, the number of people, and the seasonality.

The cost of renting a yacht in Romania for a day starts from €46/day/person.
The cost of renting a yacht in Romania for a week starts from €322/week/person.

Every destination offers a wide range of attractions and stopover points along its coast for those who want with their loved ones. If you think to have a unique and unforgettable sailing holiday this summer, don’t hesitate to book your yacht via viravira.co now before the availabilities run out. 

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