My boat is foreign-flagged; can I still rent out it?

Yes, you can rent out it. Paragraph 2 of Article 27 of the Marine Tourism Regulation Numbered 27298 which was published in the Official Gazette on 24 / 07 / 2009 is as follows:

“(2) Rental of the foreign-flagged vessels and representation of the foreign-flagged vessel operators in Turkey are carried out by the enterprises which have Turkish flagged vessels and are licensed by the Ministry. Working principals and procedures, capacity, required information and documents related to foreign flagged yachts, foreign charterers and companies certified by the Ministry which rent out foreign flagged yachts or which represents the foreign charterers, are determined by the Ministry.”

In this regard, a foreign-flagged vessel can only be rented out through the Ministry-licenced companies. Article 35 of the same Regulation is as follows:

“Guideline for rental of the foreign-flagged marine tourism vehicles

ARTICLE 35 - (1) Marine tourism vehicle operators certified by the Ministry of Tourism can lease foreign-flagged marine tourism vehicles for up to five years to use in commercial activities with touristic purposes with the permission of the Ministry. If required, these permissions can be extended by the Ministry. These companies are expected to pay an infrastructure services fee, determined each year by the Ministry, for the development of marine tourism. This contribution is deposited to the Circulating Capital Central Office of the Ministry.

(2) Foreign-flagged marine tourism vehicles are rented out to foreigners and Turkish citizens residing abroad.”

In this regard, while foreign-flagged vessel owners have to bear additional costs, they cannot rent out their boats to Turkish citizens residing in Turkey.


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