What does viravira.co offer to the renters?

Through viravira.co, individuals can find and rent boats with different features and prices from a large supply pool.

Thanks to the instalment payment facility, viravira.co makes sailing, which is complicated to organize and known as an expensive leisure activity, accessible to a wider audience.

Renters can see the visuals and all the technical features of the boat they wish to rent in advance and thus does not experience any unpleasant surprises.

If the boat owner does not deliver the boat, viravira.co will refund the full payment made through the platform to the renter or assist in finding a boat with similar features.

Payments received from the renter is kept in the escrow account of a payment service provider regulated by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency until it is transferred to the boat owner. In other words, booking fee is kept securely in an account independent of viravira.co entity on behalf of the boat owner. Additionally, renters can learn more about boats and boat owners by reading the comments that have been submitted by different users.

Renters may request assistance from the viravira.co’s experienced team if they experience any problems.


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